Sneak Attack!

Sneak Attack is a Rogue’s best feature, and every dad has a bit of the rogue in him. I use sneak attack very rarely, but it has been very effective every time I did.

Both times I instigated a sneak attack against RPGBaby, it was well planned and perfectly timed. The first time, shortly after she began crawling, revolved around the cat’s bowls. We had warned her off them, but I saw her eyeing them.

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Update: Counting to D10 … er, D12

Before I posted that RPGBaby’s focus on D6s had both helped and maxed out her counting ability. Two weeks ago, however, she broke through that barrier and began counting reliably and clearly to 10. She also reliably recognizes the numbers even when they are out of order. She happily counts to 10, and gets elated when she reaches that double-digit cap. Now, she has already sped past that and can reliably count to 12. I think it was the training with the GreatAxe …

Fading Suns: Noble Armada Greenlight

We are currently trying to get Fading Suns: Noble Armada greenlit on Steam, and would really appreciate your support:

A number of people have asked why we are working on a Noble Armada computer game and not Emperor of the Fading Suns II. The short answer is that EFS took an exponentially larger budget than we have for this game.

The more detailed answer is that we designed the Fading Suns universe to explore it in a number of different ways and from a number of different perspectives.

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Counting to D6

At 19-months, RPGBaby surprised us by counting from 1 to 5, unprompted and correctly. The very next day she made it to 6. She has continued to increase her range, but she always leaves off 7. At first I thought it was because it was a two-syllable word, but now that she can count to 11, I have to form a new hypothesis. My current one is that her current rules are based on a D6 system and that we need to get her on an open-source D20 system quickly. Then we can upgrade her to percentiles.

Doing damage

Exciting Bachelor Weekend for RPGDad

My wife and baby are out of town, so I have an exciting bachelor weekend planned!

A. Relax and drink olive oil (1)
B. Read a book (2)
C. Mop! (3)

Yes, gaming is also planned! I really need to playtest some Noble Armada 😀

(1) This is a great way to treat gall stones. Fast, drink olive oil and relax, and the body flushes them out. I had my first gall stone attack 30 years ago, but discovering the olive oil flush has kept me from needing my gall bladder cut out.
(2) I read a LOT of books with Sage, but this book is longer than 10 pages
(3) The excitement of this opportunity needs no explanation to the parent of any child!