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Mentoring Systems and Social Learning

A number of online RPGs have implemented mentoring systems, primarily as a way to get experienced players to beg their nonplaying friends to spend money in game with them. These systems generally require a more experienced character to temporarily act weaker in order to run the same quests the less experienced one can survive. The […]

Her First Four-Letter Word

There is lots written about the growth of language skills, but nothing beats seeing it in action. RPGBaby clearly understood words before she could say them, with her name getting quick recognition. “No” has yet to sink in, however. Speaking has come early, primarily in the form of nouns. While lots of sounds (and other […]

Applause for Sharing and Socks

In my last RPGDad post, I talked about how RPGBaby had suddenly leveled up in several areas (crawling, talking, separation anxiety – the good stuff). Most of her skill increases, however, follow a longer, slower more elaborate progression, and it is pretty delightful to watch. Let’s use getting dressed as an example. Early on, like […]

Autumn Baby Giggles

Gotten busy of late, but wanted to post this video of RPGBaby at four months. I think it shows a good range of four-month-old development, plus it is incredibly cute! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmadDRtjnv4


I’ve debated a number of names for this article, including “Crappy Jokes Ahead” or “EC Comic Action,” but I keep shaking my head and going, “Wow.” WARNING: Discussion of bodily functions ahead! I’ll just jump in. Sage is 10 weeks old and already learning to use the toilet. We have only had to change one […]