Monthly Archives: June, 2015

Trying to Make RPG Dad Look Good

It has been brought to my attention that RPGDad has been doing a poor job of paying attention to his appearance (big surprise there). A friend has offered up some logos for the site, and I would love your feedback. Please tell me in comments which you like best or what would work better.   […]

Tasking with Baby

Happy Father’s Day! Today has brought to mind the new way I am handling my task lists. Most game devs utilize some form of a task list, be it as a Gantt chart, a milestone checklist, or a bunch of posties (not pasties) littering the office. For me, one of the learning experiences in having […]

FPS Baby

So I know I said my next RPGDad installment would be about level-based childhood, but RPGBaby came early and I had to change my plans. Who woulda’ thought a child would require something like that? I wrote the below while we were in the hospital, and I hope it does not offend too terribly much […]