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Time is Broken … in a Good Way

My friend Louie Hlad has a fun new blog – Time is Broken. Fun musings on time, art and sports. Tell him I said hi.

Good Interview on WABE

Rose Scott does such a good job with interviews. It was definitely a pleasure to be on her show, alongside Eagle Rock’s Beth Talbert:

20 Ranks in Sleep

Sleep has long been the most useful spell for low-level Magic users and wizards in D&D. I never thought I would include it as a skill on a character sheet, but for infants and toddlers, it is a key stat. I have to admit, however, that as parents, RPGMom and I really failed our sleep […]

TBT: Vague Thoughts on Game Writing from 2012

I posted this in April 2012 on my old blog. Thought I would share it again for Throw-Back Thursday. We had a good GGDA meeting (okay, party) at Mowgli to celebrate the release of their Songster Facebook game. Fun mix of people – pros, amateurs, students and outsiders; artists, coders, musicians, business folks and writers. […]