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I’ve debated a number of names for this article, including “Crappy Jokes Ahead” or “EC Comic Action,” but I keep shaking my head and going, “Wow.” WARNING: Discussion of bodily functions ahead! I’ll just jump in. Sage is 10 weeks old and already learning to use the toilet. We have only had to change one […]

Weird Things in the Middle of the Night

Guest blogger: Momma Mel RPDDad wanted to title this, “Weird Scenes inside the Poopmine,” but RPGMom always has the winning vote So all parents of pre-verbal infants use cues to determine what’s going on with their little one. Facial expressions, body movement, cries, and diaper performance are some of the main ways  tiny humans communicate. […]

Deciding to Decide DeKalb

Since I don’t nearly have enough things going on in my life, yesterday the DeKalb County Commission appointed me to the board of our county economic development authority, Decide DeKalb. For those of you who have not been following DeKalb County politics, the county has been hit with a number of corruption scandals, including convictions […]

Bug Hunting Baby

When I cry, there can be any of a myriad number of reasons – pain, sadness, lag, death of a character, rolling too many fumbles, existential angst, lack of coffee, existential lack of coffee, etc. – but our daughter is much more of a stoic than am I. When she cries, there is one of […]