Monthly Archives: February, 2016

Multiclass Baby

As a game designer, I have always preferred skill systems, where characters slowly progress in certain abilities, rather than a leveling system, where all of a sudden they gain a number of new powers. In watching RPGBaby develop, however, I have become more of a believer in the leveling process. Her ability to stand up […]

Andrew Greenberg Wins Georgia Highlight Award at 2016 Georgia Entertainment Gala

Thanks to the Georgia Gala for this award in recognition of my work as a game designer and on behalf of Georgia’s blossoming entertainment industry. It was an honor to be recognized in this way. The text of my speech is below (though I went a bit off script) and you can see a video […]

Haunted House Tycoon Finally Gets Day in Court

USPTO Announces Oral Hearing in Long-Running Game Industry Trademark Dispute for Feb. 26 ATLANTA (Feb. 2, 2016) — The United States Patent and Trademark Office announced oral hearings in one of its longer-running oppositions, Atari Interactive’s attempt to keep independent game developer Hazy Dreams of Infinity from using the words “Haunted” and “House” in the […]