Alpha Demo Away!

Developer Diary 15

We have released the alpha demo for Noble Armada: Lost Worlds. We first sent the link to our backers and are now making it available to the gaming media. Now it is available to everyone HERE.

It is definitely an alpha demo. That means that while all the functionality is in the game, we know there are a few broken parts. The balance is definitely not set. We turned off some of the main game components, like skirmish mode, and removed almost all the premade missions.

The demo comes with the tutorial mission as well as the Emperor’s Challenge. There is also a secret way to unlock another mission – well, actually, a different version of the tutorial. The Emperor’s Challenge is designed as an introductory mission to get players used to both the combat system and the strategy mode. In the strategy mode, players travel from planet to planet to repair and build up their forces.

You can play any of the five Royal Houses in each of the demo missions. This makes each fight different – especially in the Emperor’s Challenge. Playing Emperor’s Challenge as al-Malik is really difficult. Don’t try that as your first fight, but it is fun to be able to fight the mission five different ways.

One of the aspects of the game we intend to show with this demo is how easy it is to add new missions to the game. Expect us to make more missions available during the Kickstarter campaign.

Also, we plan to livestream the game again 3 pm EST Sunday, March 11 on I hope to see you then!

P.S. The hidden version of the tutorial is pretty difficult to win too.

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