N2 Youth Esports First Meet

We held our first N2 Esports meet, and the overwhelmingly positive reaction of both players and parents proved especially gratifying.

We expected the kids to enjoy it, because they were playing games, learning new skills and making friends. We did not expect the majority of the parents to stay the entire two hours, engrossed in what their children were doing and in conversation with one another – mainly about games and technology 🙂

We had limited the first meet to 10 children, between the ages of 10 and 16, and they proved more receptive to the coaching than we had anticipated. Warnings that kids today will not listen or have no attention span proved unfounded. They sat through 30 minutes of discussions on league policies, scheduling, health and fitness (interspersed with some stretches) before finally being allowed on the Xboxes.

We partnered them up so they could analyze each other’s gameplay (and get to know one another). That worked well, and they proved quite capable of moderating between each other how much time they should get. They also started teaching each other tips and tricks (like adjusting controller sensitivity).

At the end of two hours, the children (and their parents) were enthused about returning next Saturday. We are opening slots for more Fortnite players, so if you know anyone with kids between 10 and 16 (inclusive), please direct them to www.N2esports.com

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