Monthly Archives: March, 2015

Testify! Speaking at Legislative Hearings

Witnesses at Congressional hearings in DC often seem to be spending most of their time listening to Congressmen grandstand rather than actually testifying. I’ve testified four times in the past few months before Georgia legislators, and found the experience very different from the televised spectacles. Perhaps it is because tax issues do not get the […]

PAC Attacks and Advice to New Grads

Many colleges and universities bring in groups of industry experts to advise them on how to improve their program or help their graduates find jobs. Tonight the Art Industry of Atlanta brought in a particularly good mix of veteran game designers, animators and former grads to share insights. Many of the PAC’s comments were spot […]

FSNA Bug Hunting

One of my personal GDC highlights was meeting with the Fading Suns: Noble Armada programmer and getting the latest build of the game working on my new iPad. Now the playtesting starts in earnest. Playtesting, also known as Quality Assurance (QA) and bug hunting, gives people the idea that all we do is sit around […]

A Good Week

On top of hearing a lot of praise for SIEGE while at GDC, and the video game tax credit extension unanimously passing the Georgia House of Representatives, I returned to Atlanta to find this article:

GDC Day Four

Thursday of GDC is usually when I try to find time between meetings to hit the expo floor. I only got to visit half of it, but there were lots of interesting new exhibitors this year. I thought I had gotten less freebies this year then in the past, but by the time I got […]