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Emperor of the Fading Suns Timeline

We released a free demo of Emperor of the Fading Suns Enhanced on Steam and GOG (please wishlist us on Steam and it generated a number of questions. I posted this timeline in hopes of clearing up some of the confusion. 1997: HDI released the original Emperor of the Fading Suns (EFS) 4x game, part […]

What Gaming Achievements Do You Like?

What game achievements do you like?

More Thoughts on AI and Fading Suns

In one recent conversation of current artificial intelligence trends, the discussion turned to how AI would contemplate religion. This is on of the robots I enjoyed designing for Fading Suns – a golem programmed to both accept and analyze the precepts of the Universal Church. PCs who encountered it would find it the most fervent […]

Emperor of the Fading Suns Livestreaming

Livestreaming our old Emperor of the Fading Suns game has been a blast, mainly because of the fun people who come join me in chat. The next is 8 pm EST Wednesday, Dec. 1, on No previous knowledge of Fading Suns required. With the support of House Hawkwood and the Merchant League, Yusara al-Malik […]

Reclaiming a Sun, Finale

Fiction for Noble Armada: Lost Worlds, set in the Fading Suns universe Back the Kickstarter¬†HERE, download the demo¬†HERE The clanging of alarm bells caused Leopold and Atila to leap from their bed, scrambling for the weapons carefully arrayed nearby. With no immediate threat in sight, they hurriedly dressed. Making their way to the bridge, they […]