First Words

So, I have been using “Stories from the Age of Sleepy Parents” as RPGDad’s motto, but other catchphrases have been bubbling up (much like my daughter’s milk after a good feeding). I would love your feedback on the following, but don’t do it here. Instead, I have taken over the far-too-infrequently used RPGDad hashtag and would like to try out that new-fangled Twitter thing.

Tweet a cut-and-paste of your favorite (or much-better creation of your own) to #RPGDad. Everyone who does so earns at least 25 experience points 🙂

Mottoes for Your Due Consideration:

  1. Equipped for Anything … Except This
  2. For Truly Epic-Level Encounters
  3. Nurseries and Nappies 1st Edition (my wife vetoes Nurseries and Nipples)
  4. Sleepquest
  5. World of Wetcraft
  6. Raising Gnome Illusionist-Barbarians since 2015
  7. Age of Reckoning
  8. Because Chaotic Silly is an Alignment
  9. Elemental Plane of Poop
  10. Fallout, Over and Asleep
  11. Fading Memories
  12. Leveling in Love, not Sleep
  13. Critical Hits to the Heart
  14. Minidings and Megapoops
  15. SIEGE – Sage Infant Enjoying Great Experience
  16. RPG – Real Parental Games (Not, as has been suggested, Revolting Poo Goo)

I look forward to your tweets!

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