Monthly Archives: February, 2015

IGDA Advocacy Training at GDC, Part 2

First of all, yesterday I wrote that one thing all advocates should do is celebrate their successes, so here we go: Yesterday the Georgia House Ways and Means Committee voted unanimously to extend the video game tax credit which has done so much to empower our industry here. While we still have much to do […]

IGDA Advocacy Training at GDC, Part 1

A week from today I have the privilege of running the IGDA Advocacy session at GDC. Officially titled “IGDA Anti-Censorship & Social Issues Committee Presents Advocacy Training: The Spotlight is On!”, this is part roundtable, part workshop. In the decades I have been part of the game industry, I have seen innumerable needless controversies pop […]

What You Should Know to Make Games, Part 2

Our last article discussed the basic skills you should develop. This week we discuss the more specific tasks game developers do on a regular basis. The earlier you try these, the better. Playtest something. There are lots of open beta tests going on these days, and many companies provide special testing opportunities to fans who […]

What You Should Know to Make Games, Part 1

It looks like all those college game degrees are starting to gain some respect from the industry. Students are now graduating from some of these programs and making immediate marks on the industry, with Portal being only the most obvious example. With that many students in these programs, you need to stand out from the […]