Monthly Archives: July, 2015

Mad Baby Skillz

While level-based systems do well explaining some aspects of childhood where we can make great progress all of a sudden, like turning over and breast feeding, most of our skills advance slowly and methodically, like Donald Trump’s hair piece taking over his brain. In adults, these skill progressions happen slowly. For instance, most adults have […]

Warren Spector to Keynote SIEGE

We announced today that Warren Spector would be one of our SIEGE keynote speakers this year, and that announcement got us a fair amount of attention. Warren has earned a great deal of acclaim for his work on computer games like Deus Ex and his role as an innovator in game education. However, I still […]

Should’ve Sent a Picture of My Fedora

Hypepotamus interviewed me recently. I hope you are amused by the results: Also had this fun interview recently with Comcastro: While I’m at it, this game dev focused one with Game Developers Advice:

Leveling Up Baby

Anyone who played Dungeons and Dragons for more than a couple sessions remembers the great feeling when her character suddenly went up a level ( More powerful spells, more survivable characters, more annoying familiars … these appeared all at once, essentially overnight (much like how a baby goes from making little poops to suddenly making […]