Monthly Archives: August, 2015

That Speaking Thing

No, not RPGBaby’s speaking. While she coos a lot, she is only speaking in my wife and my heads, and we get to make up the words. This is about public speaking, as we have opened SIEGE for speaker requests. I can’t even begin to count the number of presentations I have given at conventions, […]

First Words

So, I have been using “Stories from the Age of Sleepy Parents” as RPGDad’s motto, but other catchphrases have been bubbling up (much like my daughter’s milk after a good feeding). I would love your feedback on the following, but don’t do it here. Instead, I have taken over the far-too-infrequently used RPGDad hashtag and […]

Sexy Baby

#RPGDad got a shout out from one of the last places I ever expected:@sexyfandom …