Thoughts on a New Work Day/Year

No, this is not part of a new year’s resolution to blog more 🙂 Just a few observations while working on Jan. 3.

  1. It is easier to get big tasks done today. While I had a couple calls to take care of, I was able to devote more dedicated time to tasks requiring concentration and focus. This was both due to the lack of interruptions and also being refreshed from the holidays. I have also been looking forward to these tasks, so I am sure having my brain dwell on them whilst traveling helped.
  2. People are definitely making resolutions. The gym was more packed than I have seen it since the pandemic. I go to a large chain gym, but attendance there has really dropped off over the past couple years (as has maintenance, cleaning, etc.). However, today would’ve been crowded even for 2019. I wonder how long until the resolution crowd disappears … If you are part of that crowd, keep with it!
  3. I thought it was a back-to-school fall thing, but everyone is still talking about artificial intelligence. We may have reached the tipping point where AI usage goes mainstream. Fingers crossed that creators’ rights get respected.
  4. This blog post was not generated by, nor influenced by AI. Fnord.

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