20 Ranks in Sleep

Sleep has long been the most useful spell for low-level Magic users and wizards in D&D. I never thought I would include it as a skill on a character sheet, but for infants and toddlers, it is a key stat. I have to admit, however, that as parents, RPGMom and I really failed our sleep training rolls. RPGBaby started life sleeping wonderfully through the night, but for various reasons our pediatrician strongly suggested we start waking her up every few hours. Unless RPGBaby was really exhausted, she has not slept straight through the night since. At some point, generally between 2 and 4 am, she would end up in our bed.

However, with RPGBaby coming up on two years, RPGMom recently began telling her how wonderful it is for her to have her own bed and room. Last night, while RPGBaby woke up unhappily a couple times (once all tangled in her blankets), she stayed in it until past 7 am! When she finally came to our bedroom, she proudly announced that she “slept in (RPGBaby) bed!” Definitely a critical sleep roll. That may be part of the reason RPGMom totally fumbled her own sleep roll last night …

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