Reclaiming a Sun, Part 4

Fiction for Noble Armada: Lost Worlds, set in the Fading Suns universe

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The miners had told Leopold of smugglers who had established a base on Opal, a small planet near Dalian itself. The miners occasionally worked with the smugglers, who had kept their heads down ever since an initial encounter when the Decados first arrived. Leopold took his two damaged craft to Opal. There the miners convinced the smugglers to repair the ships – in exchange for all the wealth Leopold had accumulated. A few of the smugglers also agreed to join their expedition, and Leopold split his crew between the two ships, leaving Tomas in charge of the Mane. Read more »

Reclaiming a Sun, Part 3

Fiction for Noble Armada: Lost Worlds, set in the Fading Suns universe

Ferocious Boarding Combat

Little more than a day after they left the mining post, Tomas raised the expected alarm. A Decados frigate, carrying many more guns than their explorer, was heading directly toward the jumpgate. Its blasters could tear through the explorer’s shields in minutes, reducing it to slag in a traditional space battle. Leopold did not intend to give them the time.

He and Tomas plotted their course as Atila brought their squads of freshly minted marines to the airlocks. Once the course lined up perfectly with the enemy frigate, Leopold hit the thrusters, and the race was on. This was not a race against the other ship’s engines but against its gunners, for there was no way the Mane was ending this fight undamaged.

It only took seconds for the Decados to become aware of their attackers. The frigate maneuvered quickly, bringing its main guns to bear. Tomas made minor adjustments in their own trajectory, and everyone on the Mane prepared for the impact. The explorer headed straight into the broadside, and blaster fire tore through space on all sides of the ship. “Front shields are down,” said Tomas. “No way our fore can survive another salvo like that.”

Both of them knew it would not have to. Tomas’ hands flew over the ship controls, and the explorer’s maneuver jets spun it around so its starboard shield came to bear. The Mane’s momentum kept it speeding forward, and the Decados’ next broadside tore down those shields. Once more the Mane twirled, and this time its aft shields took the blow. Read more »

Reclaiming a Sun, Part 2

Fiction for Noble Armada: Lost Worlds, set in the Fading Suns universe

Dealing with the locals

Long ago this solar system had been part of humanity’s glorious Second Republic. During the Fall of that fabled civilization, many jumpgates had closed, leaving trillions of people isolated. Now Emperor Alexius had called on his Questing Knights to rediscover these Lost Worlds. Some systems had been found desolate, their people lost in devastating cataclysms. In others, the people had been reduced to true barbarism, living in the rubble of ancient greatness. Most had been able to maintain some of the ancient technology.

The radio broadcasts Tomas had been monitoring since they entered this system indicated it was one of the latter. Most of the chatter was centered further in system, around the second planet from the sun. As they flew in system, however, Tomas had also picked up some closer messages, from a small ice planet not far from the jumpgate. Encrypted, Leopold’s crew had not been able to decipher the messages. He assumed they came from the Decados and momentarily considered returning to Hawkwood space. The thought of turning tail quickly brought his blood to a boil again, and Leopold determined to at least discover what the Decados were doing here before he left.

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Rezoning Efforts in Tucker

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This year has brought a surge of outside developers looking to rezone parts of Tucker for higher-density development. The City Council already rejected the effort to pack a bunch of houses in on Sarin Court. Another developer has applied to put 15 where two currently exist along heavily traveled Cooledge Road (

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Reclaiming a Sun, Part 1

Fiction for Noble Armada: Lost Worlds, set in the Fading Suns universe

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His father thought it was the lure of quick wealth, the sin of Manonism, that drew Leopold Hawkwood to this jumpgate. Acquiring the key that would let his small explorer, the Mane, pass through the gate had certainly cost Leopold dearly, and not only in firebirds. Blood, sweat, tears and promises had also been spent in its acquisition. Now Leopold hesitated. The quest to obtain the key had been understandable, something for which he could plan. The next step, however, was into the complete unknown.

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