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Deciding to Decide DeKalb

Since I don’t nearly have enough things going on in my life, yesterday the DeKalb County Commission appointed me to the board of our county economic development authority, Decide DeKalb. For those of you who have not been following DeKalb County politics, the county has been hit with a number of corruption scandals, including convictions […]

Testify! Speaking at Legislative Hearings

Witnesses at Congressional hearings in DC often seem to be spending most of their time listening to Congressmen grandstand rather than actually testifying. I’ve testified four times in the past few months before Georgia legislators, and found the experience very different from the televised spectacles. Perhaps it is because tax issues do not get the […]

IGDA Advocacy Training at GDC, Part 2

First of all, yesterday I wrote that one thing all advocates should do is celebrate their successes, so here we go: Yesterday the Georgia House Ways and Means Committee voted unanimously to extend the video game tax credit which has done so much to empower our industry here. While we still have much to do […]