NALW Kickstarter Next Week

Developer Diary 12

Kickstarter recommends giving a campaign at least three business days to get approved. We submitted the Noble Armada:Lost Worlds Kickstarter yesterday (Presidents Day) and got immediate approval. Now the race is onto have everything else in place before Monday, Feb. 26, when we plan to launch the Kickstarter.

The only other crowdfunding campaign I ever ran was for SCAD professor Tony Tseng’s family after he passed away at a game jam. We raised about $10,000 in a little more than a week, but that was obviously a very different campaign than this one.

Now comes the work of putting together everything else – press kit, demo versions of the game, publicity schedule, livestreaming events, etc. There is always the regret that time spent on the Kickstarter detracts from time spent on developing the game. In this case, however, the things the Kickstarter would fund – more art and coding – are not the parts I would contribute. Ninety percent of the game is done, and I am hoping that the Kickstarter will fund our new Mission Editor so I can start designing those as well.

A side benefit of running a Kickstarter is that it forces developers to focus on the last thing they want to handle – marketing and PR. We don’t plan to launch the game until late Summer or early Fall, but waiting until then to promote it means it is already too late for many media outlets.

Of course, we probably should have been promoting the Kickstarter months ago! Ah well, any suggestions on how to make up for lost time?

Name Found: Lost Worlds

Developer Diary 10

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the name change for our new Noble Armada PC game, whether it was on this blog, Facebook or via Twitter. There were lots of good thoughts, but “Lost Worlds” was clearly the winner. We will officially be promoting it as “Noble Armada: Lost Worlds. A Game of Broadsides and Boarding Actions in the Fading Suns Universe.”

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What’s in a Name?

Developer Diary 9

Our working title for the game has been Fading Suns: Noble Armada, but we’ve begun to have  few concerns about it. The main issue is that our friends at Ulisses Spiele are getting ready to launch the fourth edition of the Fading Suns rule book, and we don’t want searches for the games to confuse one for the other. The idea is for the games to support each other, not get in each other’s way.

We are also getting a number of questions as to whether this is another version of our older Emperor of the Fading Suns game. The idea with a variety of different games set in the same universe has always been to shine lights on different aspects of the setting. EFS took the broad perspective, with you leading one of the most powerful factions in the Known Worlds along its rise to power. The Fading Suns RPG went the exact opposite route, exploring individual stories after the Emperor Wars ended.

Noble Armada is a combination of the two. You are a noble, commanding at least one starship and its battle-ready marines and crew. You venture to enemy space and lost solar systems, seeking to expand your house’s power and your own wealth. They are grand stories, but not on the grand scale of EFS.

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Rechargeable Resources in FSNA

Developer Diary 8

Some games have a plethora of resources – wood, ore, money, population, time, hit points, mana, etc – that influence what actions a player can take. We used this to great effect in some of our previous games, like Merchant Prince and Emperor of the Fading Suns. I really liked having Reputation, Nobles and Singularities as resources.

The Noble Armada miniatures game only has a few – shields, crew, marines, thrust and so on. We have expanded this a bit for the Noble Armada PC game, and this generated a great discussion in the “Realistic Movement” developer diary.

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