My Dragoncon 2017 Schedule

Got my Dragoncon schedule.

10 pm Sept. 2:  Hilton Room 208-209
Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality: How Crazy Can the Future Really Get?

We are just scratching the surface of virtual reality, augmented reality, and immersive tech. Zombie games, Saturn voyages, military exercises, 360-degree movies: That’s just the beginning of a universe of applications. What are the possibilities of mixed reality tech, and what do we have to lose? David Maass, Andrew Greenberg

8:30 Sept. 3: 10 Rules for Dealing with Police Encounters, Hilton Room 208-209

Knowing and asserting your rights along with common sense can greatly improve the outcome of any police encounter. Documentary by A question and answer session will follow the film. Andrew Greenberg (Moderator), Kara Chappell

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