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Bug Hunting Baby

When I cry, there can be any of a myriad number of reasons – pain, sadness, lag, death of a character, rolling too many fumbles, existential angst, lack of coffee, existential lack of coffee, etc. – but our daughter is much more of a stoic than am I. When she cries, there is one of […]

Warren Spector to Keynote SIEGE

We announced today that Warren Spector would be one of our SIEGE keynote speakers this year, and that announcement got us a fair amount of attention. Warren has earned a great deal of acclaim for his work on computer games like Deus Ex and his role as an innovator in game education. However, I still […]

Should’ve Sent a Picture of My Fedora

Hypepotamus interviewed me recently. I hope you are amused by the results: http://www.hypepotamus.com/people/andrew-greenberg-man-many-hats/ Also had this fun interview recently with Comcastro: http://www.comcastro.com/andrewgreenberg/ While I’m at it, this game dev focused one with Game Developers Advice: http://gamedevadvice.blogspot.com.ar/2015/07/andrew-greenberg.html

PAC Attacks and Advice to New Grads

Many colleges and universities bring in groups of industry experts to advise them on how to improve their program or help their graduates find jobs. Tonight the Art Industry of Atlanta brought in a particularly good mix of veteran game designers, animators and former grads to share insights. Many of the PAC’s comments were spot […]

FSNA Bug Hunting

One of my personal GDC highlights was meeting with the Fading Suns: Noble Armada programmer and getting the latest build of the game working on my new iPad. Now the playtesting starts in earnest. Playtesting, also known as Quality Assurance (QA) and bug hunting, gives people the idea that all we do is sit around […]