Name Found: Lost Worlds

Developer Diary 10

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the name change for our new Noble Armada PC game, whether it was on this blog, Facebook or via Twitter. There were lots of good thoughts, but “Lost Worlds” was clearly the winner. We will officially be promoting it as “Noble Armada: Lost Worlds. A Game of Broadsides and Boarding Actions in the Fading Suns Universe.”

For those of you who asked why we did not just call it “Noble Armada,” we want to save that name for a larger game that is more true to the full depth of the setting. We see this game as focusing overwhelmingly on the combat side (which is why I was leaning toward Fading Suns Tactics). Since “Noble Armada” is both the name of the miniatures game and the related IP, we want to save that title for game that encompasses everything we see in Noble Armada: exploration, trade, combat, character development, story development, careful ship and fleet upgrades, etc.

We’ve had a lot of fun developing “Fading Suns: Lost Worlds”, but it has nowhere near the budget to develop all these areas as fully as we would like. We are going to focus on combat in unexplored space, and thus the Lost Worlds tag fits well. Each clash leads to an isolated world for you to reunite with the rest of humanity. I hope to stream the most recent version of the game soon.

Thanks for all your input! No jokes about how FSLW really stands for Favorite Silly Last Words …

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